Top 5 Selling Jackets for Women from A by Anubha

Top 5 Selling Jackets for Women from A by Anubha

One can never have too many jackets. There is always room for new jackets in every woman's wardrobe. And why shouldn't there be? They come in many styles and materials and can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions. We bring you the 5 top best selling jackets for women from A by Anubha so you can stay stylish and glamorous throughout the year.

1. Bottle Green Extended Coat-Signature

Made from 100% cotton, Bottle Green Extended Coat was one of the most popular coats sold at our online clothing store in California. The mid-thigh coat has two welt waist pockets and concealed buttons for fastening. The coat is ideal for the spring and summer seasons. It is also available in Ox-Blood, Coal Black, and Snow White color. You can order the coat and customize it as per your needs.

2. Navy Plaid Coat

Navy Plaid Coat is made with 100% wool. The fully lined knee-length coast stands out for its swing sleeves. Its off-white pockets and button add accent to its clean and classic cut. The coat complements neutral tones like black, gray, and white. It can also draw attention when worn with bolder colors.

It can be worn over various outfits, such as dresses, skirts, or pants, and is suitable for formal and casual occasions. Add this versatile coat to your wardrobe and embrace the winter season in style.

3. London Red Wool Peplum Jacket


Ideal for the fall and winter seasons, the London Red Wool Peplum Jacket is made with 100% wool. The hip-length high coat has hand-crafted buttonholes. The peplum detail adds volume and creates the illusion of curves while emphasizing the waist, giving a flattering and balanced look.

The jacket's structured silhouette and tailored design can give a polished and sophisticated look while adding a touch of femininity, making it suitable for formal or business environments. It can be a great choice if you're looking for a statement piece that grabs attention and adds visual interest to your outfit.

4. Coal Black Summer Vest


The fully lined Coal Black Summer Vest is made from Khadi fabric, making it the perfect styling choice for environment-conscious people. The cropped vest has three handcrafted buttonholes with fabric buttons used for fastening. Choosing a classic color like black means that your investment remains fashionable for years to come. This type of jacket is less likely to go out of style quickly, allowing you to wear it across multiple seasons.

5. 'Rangoli' Summer Jacket

The long hand printed Rangoli Summer Jacket is ideal for a casual day out in spring or summer. The vivid motifs on the jacket are a contemporary form of traditional Indian art called 'rangoli.' A plum cotton extended collar can make your jacket stand out. Large pockets are great for carrying your keys, phone, or other essentials. Earlier priced at $139, you can bring home this jacket for $45 only.

Whether you are looking for a wool jacket to keep you warm in winter, lightweight and trendy coats for summer, or timeless jackets, we have everything so you can step out in style. Shop from our online clothing store in California. Happy shopping!!

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